Regulation of Commercial Marijuana

//Regulation of Commercial Marijuana

Regulation of Commercial Marijuana

I am repeatedly asked, “are you pro-regulation or pro-ban?” What I am is pro Calaveras County!

I have spoken several times on this subject, first as the County adopted the Urgency Ordinance and up until the Board adopted the Ban Ordinance.

If elected, I will approach this subject with an open mind. Regarding re-regulating commercial marijuana, like any economic development project, I will ask the same questions: are the proposed regulations well-planned and do they conform to the General Plan? Are they market-driven, benefit the County Budget, and will they make our lives better?

As your Supervisor, it would be my duty to my constituents and the residents of Calaveras County to know the facts and make an informed decision. It is also my duty to share the facts with the people so that they, too, are informed and under- stand the reasons for my vote. \Being an elected official is not about my personal agenda or personal feelings.

We need to move forward beyond this issue. It has divided our community and even our families long enough.