We are so alike, and we agree far more than we disagree.

We all want to live in safe neighborhoods, a clean environment, and have a secure and prosperous future.

We want our County government to tell us the truth, to not play politics with policy, and to work in the interests of the vast majority of citizens and taxpayers who own their own homes, pay their taxes, and play by the rules.

A Supervisor has two major responsibilities, pass a responsible budget and oversee and regulate land use and economic development through the planning process.

But today, the latest information indicates the County Budget is in critical condition, facing structural deficits indefinitely after this fiscal year. It is now clear that the County has misled the citizens and played politics with the Budget. And, after 11 years and a million dollars spent on still-secret docu- ments, the County is now working on its response to public comments on the draft Environmental Impact Report on the draft General Plan Update.

How the next Board of Supervisors resolves these two issues, the structural budget deficit and the update of the General Plan, will affect the quality of life of every Calaveras resident for decades to come.

I’m running for Supervisor because making the hard choices directly in front of us will require new leadership — active and involved, effective and transparent, responsive and respectful leadership for District Five, and all of Calaveras County. These are the qualities I pledge to bring to the Board.

Most of all, I will work to bring people together. I will work with anyone who honestly cares about District Five and the future of Calaveras County.