Ben Stopper 2018

For Calaveras County Supervisor District 5

The next Board of Supervisors will make decisions that will affect the quality of life of every Calaveras citizen for decades to come.

I’m running for Supervisor because making these hard choices will require new leadership that has earned the trust of the people.

Active and involved, effective and transparent, responsive and respectful, — this is the kind of leadership I pledge to bring to District Five.

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Key Issues

We are so alike, and we agree far more than we disagree. We all want to live in safe neighborhoods, a clean environment, and have a secure and prosperous future.

We want our County government to tell us the truth, to not play politics with policy, and to work in the interests of the vast majority of citizens and taxpayers who own their own homes, pay their taxes, and play by the rules.

A Supervisor has two major responsibilities, pass a responsible budget and oversee and regulate land use and economic development through the planning process.

The fact that it is now clear that the voters were misled about the County Budget before the election is more than just a short-term political shenanigan that couldn’t change anything but the election results.

In Calaveras County the erosion of public trust in Government – and that starts with the County Budget – is the single biggest obstacle to our coming together and moving forward.

My foremost budget priority will always be public safety. Law enforcement, the justice system and fire protection are the bedrocks of our lives and must have the resources to keep our families safe and our property secure.

Calaveras County can’t be a special place to live without a thriving, prosperous economy. I believe Calaveras County’s economy needs to be as diverse as it’s topography – we should follow all promising leads, invest in criti- cal infrastructure, and protect and enhance property values wherever we can.

I am pro-growth – sensible growth. Sensible growth is well-planned, market-driven, doesn’t hurt the County Budget, and makes our lives better.

… the County has produced a draft General Plan, a draft EIR has been released, and the public has submitted comments. There is still more work to do to assure a successful update that secures our future.

I will approach this subject with an open mind.

Regarding re-regulating commercial marijuana, like any economic development project, I will ask the same ques- tions: are the proposed regulations well-planned and do they conform to the General Plan? Are they market- driven, benefit the County Budget, and will they make our lives better?

Our solid waste facility in Rock Creek is approaching capacity. If elected I will bring the task force back togeth- er to help expand our solid waste facilities and preserve this vital asset that we pay for.

Endorsed By:

“I support Ben Stopper.”

Terri Bailey, former D5 County Supervisor:

“I endorse Ben for Supervisor … his integrity and honesty will bring transparency in decision-making we currently do not have.”

Bruce Giudici

I heartily support Ben. He has a tremendous work ethic and will do a great job.

Bill Perley, former Director of Utilities, CCWD

… he has always fought for what is right for our properties and families

Sherri Reusche, CUSD Trustee
  • Marti Crane

  • Judy Allen

  • Jason Robitaille

  • Kathy Toepel

  • Detective Greg Stark

  • Isabel Moncada

  • Dave Sidle

Issues in Calaveras County

Together we make all the difference

The County Budget

The County Budget The fact that it is now clear that the voters


Leadership We are so alike, and we agree far more than we disagree.

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